How To Buy the Right Products

How To Buy the Right Products


A customer walks into a store and extends his hands to choose a product; however, his hands freeze, and thoughts go haywire.

Another customer, with sweat forming over his forehead, clicks on the “Add to Cart” option, only to be apprehensive of what might happen next.

What explains this fear? We believe past purchasing experiences explain this crippling fear.

Whether you are a buyer or a seller, you must have had a troubling experience choosing the wrong product.

Before you develop analysis paralysis and choose the wrong products, let us guide you on buying the right products step by step.


Understanding Pain Points

As a seller, you can either buy a product that you have to sell or buy a product that sells itself!

Since you would want a product that sells itself, you must understand what people want to buy.

Therefore, you must understand consumers’ pain points by tuning into the social listening tools listed below to buy the right products.

  • Google Keywords: to determine what key features consumers look for in any product
  • Reddit: to get a deeper insight into what people want. After all, Reddit has the most transparent community.
  • Customer Reviews: A few visits to online stores and a glance at bad reviews could reveal what issues customers face


Find A Supplier

Finding a supplier who offers a competitive price is excellent, But there’s a caveat to it!

It would be best if you also considered how much time a product would take to get delivered.

AliExpress is cost-effective but could take anywhere between one week to two months to arrive. On the other hand, Amazon is more expensive but mostly delivers within a week or even two days.

Ultimately, the right product is the one that you can find at the right time.


Making The Final Choice

When you are about the make the final choice, stop, and think: Should you really be doing this?

·      Type of Products

What’s your worst fear?

Let us share our worst fear with you.

We open the door to welcome the delivery person and embrace our freshly arrived parcel. However, the box is dripping wet and smells terrible.

Did a fish die in this? We think to ourselves as we hold the box drenched in its own juices.

While perishable items, such as groceries, are a great product to buy online, they are not easy to handle.

Therefore, as you explore the right products to buy, both as a buyer and a seller, you must consider non-perishable items.

·      A Niche Product

Buying a niche product is mainly the right choice to make.

Since you would always find hobbyists ready to pay any price, you put on a niche and ultra-rare-to-find product.

·      Availability of The Right Product

What good would a product do if it arrives on time everywhere, but not to you and your customers?

Thus, the right product is the one that finds you and your customers at the right place. Choose a product that is available and ships timely.


Capitalize On Trends

Numerous people bought and sold fidget spinners making themselves a fortune and a dime.

However, as the fad died, hundreds of sellers were left with unsold fidget spinners.

With countless spinners to sell and no buyer in sight, buyers and sellers were left playing with spinners themselves.

The rise and fall of fidget spinners tell us an important lesson: the timing of the purchase!

Often it does not matter if the product is right or not. What matters is how trendy it is and how sustainable the trend is.



Choosing the right product is a bitter reality for most buyers and sellers.

However, by partnering up with Four Seasons General Merchandise, you will have access to thousands of products across several different categories, ensuring that you’ll never run out of options. By following our guide step-by-step, you would make the first right choice towards choosing the right product, leading to great sales and eventually, a successful business.