How To Do Product Placement In Your Store

How To Do Product Placement In Your Store

Learn the art of product placement and give a much-needed boost to your business.
From the design and display to the specific placement techniques, here’s all you should know…


The Art of Product Placement

You may have the best product lineup at your store, but if you don’t showcase the products properly, they will neither attract customers nor get sold. Period.

Such is the importance of product placements that the more adept you are at it, the more sales and profit you can generate. Yes, that’s right!

Thus, strategically putting items in your shops so that consumers easily see and access their preferred goods is essential.

But product placement is not just that. In fact, it encompasses much more than just what meets the eye.

Let’s delve deep into the art of product placement.


Making Customers Lives Easier & Promoting Your Business

Many premium-quality and highly demanded products might go unsold simply because they are not placed and presented properly.

How can you overcome these obstacles and optimize product placement in your store?

Here are four tips that will help you understand your customer’s buying behavior.


1.   Design Element

Different goods need different types of display shelves.

Having the right kind of display solution increases the overall desirability of a product by increasing its visibility.

For example, if you want to sell electrical goods in your shop, you’ll need display counters that are specially built for visual presentation and draw your customers’ attention to those products.


2.   The Eye-Level Game

In the retail industry, it is said that “eye level is the buy level.”

Put yourself in people’s shoes and place goods at their eye level.

The shelves at the bottom are most suited for children, while the shelves in the center are more suited for females’ preferences.

On the other hand, men will pay greater attention to shelves that are one step higher than the level of the female gaze.

By positioning them at the proper levels, you may increase their visibility and in turn, chances of attracting prospects and converting them.


3.   Elevated Display

Some of your products might demand a better look or feel.

This can be done by displaying your product at an elevated height to make the best of it.

If you are in the business of selling clothing, shoes, or decorations to your audience, placing your merchandise slightly above the level of the customer’s eyes is the way to go.

An electronics shop may also use this approach to provide customers with a more comprehensive view of gadgets and accessories.

It attracts the attention of potential consumers more quickly, which often results in impulsive purchases.


4.   Strategic Placement of The Essentials

The most common method of increasing sales for your store is the placement of the essentials; not the sales of the essentials themselves, but the sales they bring along!

Some products are referred to as “basic food items.”

This includes bread, butter, milk, eggs, and a variety of other foods.

The majority of consumers come looking for these no matter how far they have to go inside the shop.

Use this to your advantage by positioning the necessities towards the rear of the shop.

On the isles towards it, place the luxury items you want to sell.

These walk-through aisles brimming with the temptation will encourage people to spend their money on items other than the necessities.



Shelving does not consist of just grouping your top sellers and hope for the best.

The placement of your products has a significant impact on your sales.

It entails strategic planning and design while keeping in mind the psychology of buying.

The way you present your products is directly related to the success of your store.

At Four Seasons General Merchandise, we can assist you in product placement for your business.

Start implementing these proven strategies today and skyrocket your sales and business.