General Merchandise Wholesaling

General Merchandise Wholesaling


Successfully running a business is a challenge that only a few overcome.

Since there are tens of business models, hundreds of stores, and thousands of products out there, finding the right business fit is not easy.

Does it mean there aren’t any prospects for a new seller?

Well, definitely not!

You can consider general wholesale merchandising and kick start your business, paving your way to success.

Wondering how you can do just?

With our simple and effective guide, anyone can learn the fundamentals of general merchandise wholesaling.

Let’s unpack the mystery of becoming a top-rated vendor!


What is General Merchandise Wholesaling?

In General Merchandise Wholesaling, you act as a broker who buys general merchandise from suppliers and manufacturers at a discounted rate and sell it to retailers, distributors, and re-sellers for a margin.


How To Start A General Merchandise Wholesaling Business


Pick A Niche

An effective way of selling for profit is to choose a niche market segment.

For instance, instead of wholesaling children’s clothes, you could select children’s clothes that are particularly for infants, healthy kids, or kids with special needs.

Choosing a specific niche allows wholesalers to develop expertise, establish mutually beneficial relationships, and, in turn, capture more market share.


Wholesaling Options

While wholesaling is based on a B2B model, many wholesalers choose to sell too directly to the customers.

Therefore, if you love wholesaling and the art of selling general merchandise to direct consumers, you could become a merchant – instead of a broker – and sell directly to consumers.


Explore Upstream Suppliers

The supply chain is an integral part of general merchandise wholesaling.

An effective supply chain can do wonders for your wholesale business, from cutting down costs to getting a reasonable price.

Moreover, suppliers often abuse their power and dictate terms to wholesalers. Consequently, choosing the right supplier and forming a long-term professional relationship are essential.


A Marketing Plan

General Merchandise Wholesaling does not rely on a single type of marketing effort.

The trick is to visit various markets and business establishments to find both suppliers and downstream buyers.

Beyond the traditional scanning methods, you must utilize the power of low-cost, effective methods such as wholesaling SEO, referral programs, social media marketing, and e-word of mouth (e-WOM).


Value Proposition

Within B2B spheres, competition is even more cut-throat.

Thus, standing out in the market becomes a necessary ingredient to survive and succeed.

Let us break down what these mean.

  • Product differentiation is the uniqueness of your product. If you have chosen a niche product that is hard to find, you could become the blue-eyed wholesaler for downstream buyers.
  • Price differentiation is the competitiveness of your price relative to other wholesalers in the market. You would require an impeccable and quick supply chain system to ensure your price differentiation is a sustainable competitive advantage.

Once you have found the perfect merchandise and fine-tuned your supply chain, you could offer both product and price differentiation.


Pricing Model

There are various pricing strategies you could follow.

If the merchandise that you are wholesaling has a high demand, you could charge a higher price.

For most general merchandise, however, your prices must be market competitive.

Your pricing must be holistic. That is, it is recommended to charge different prices for different order sizes and different trade routes.



We understand the lifeless white papers with blotched with black ink are not fascinating.

But legal paperwork is a part of the process that ensures safety against any lawsuits and unethical competitors from the black market.

Commerce or E-Commerce license, Employer Identification Number, and Sales Tax could be a few documents you prepare before cutting the ribbon on your new wholesale merchandising business.



There isn’t any business that is easy.

General merchandise wholesaling is particularly daunting.

Yet once you have mastered the basic principles, nothing can stop you from establishing a successful business and achieving financial freedom.

Here at Four Seasons General Merchandise, we are pioneers in the wholesaling industry. For over 37 years, we have supplied the entire globe with products at discounted rates. Get started on your journey today!